Acadia National Park Adventure Elopement

Adventure Session

July 2, 2020

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Kelly and Mason met in preschool in Morgantown, North Carolina. Although they have known each other for approximately twenty one years they went to different schools growing up and had zero connection or contact for years. They reconnected the summer after their freshman year in college. Mason saw Kelly in a restaurant in their hometown and recognized her. He sent her a message on facebook and asked her out.

They went hiking on their first date and that is all it took. They like to say that their adventure began August 02, 2012. After six years of joy, adventure, and love they took a special adventure out west. Their final destination was Idaho. After ten states, two national parks and 1/2 way through our trip, mason popped the big question at Craters of the Moon National Monument sand Preserve on August 16th 2019. After croughing down on the ground to take pictures with Kellys Nikon camera, Kelly stood up and said ‘Man that is a good one.” At that very moment, there was Mason, down on one knee. Through her tears of Joy, Kelly got down on her knees to embrace him and of course, say yes.

Kelly says that she will never forget that moment or the beautiful area of the country. Idaho will always be a special place for them.

With their love for adventure, culture, new experiences, and nature, we confidently chose Maine as our wedding destination! With a little research and faith, we had no doubt that Castine would match the vision that we had for our wedding! Since August has been such a special month throughout the years, we thought that it was fitting to get married in August! Castine has the charm, history, and culture that we were searching for. 

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